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Tue, Jan 23 5:17am · @mbr66 · Started Xeloda today

Hello everyone, I have started my first round of Xeloda this morning, after almost 3 months post surgery. I feel perfectly fine aside from a light headache. I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions or advice for me based on your own experiences with the medication. Thank you [...]

Posted by @Jan, Tue, Jan 16 4:28pm

Stay positive I know it’s hard!! I had trouble staying positive but it does help!!!
Reach out anytime!
Janet […]

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Fri, Jan 12 4:36pm · @bethbourg · Lonsurf

Has anyone been on Lonsurf? My husband is due to start soon after all of the insurance paperwork is done and we pay the overwhelming copay. Did you have good results? Any side effects? I just don’t understand how drugs are priced. It seems cruel to make people feel so [...]

Posted by @carolcowan, Fri, Jan 12 4:29pm

I had to take a drug called Sovaldi for chronic hepatitis C a few years ago. One tablet a day for 3 months. Each pill was $1,000. I was fortunate that our prescription plan paid all but about $43.00/mo. Gilead, the manufacturer, gave coupons to patients that paid part of […]

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Dec 12, 2017 · @jas_mine · Possible Colon Cancer

Hi I'm 19 years old. I found out that I have polyps in my colon to the point they will not be able to remove them so I will have to get my whole colon removed. I will have to wear a colostomy bag or a j pouch. I just [...]

Posted by @carolcowan, Dec 12, 2017

Jasmine has an inherited gene mutation that has nothing to do with “regular” colon cancer. There are too many polyps to remove and that’s why removing the entire colon provides the best chance of extending survival.
Carol […]

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Tue, Feb 6 6:29am · @barajasd72 · Colon Cancer mastastised to the liver

Hi, my name is David. My Sister was diagnosed with colon cancer last year. She finished chemo in April 2017. When she was re-checked in August 2017 (CT SCAN) radiology doctor located abnormalities to her liver. PET SCAN was done and went to follow up with the doctor and he [...]

Posted by @carolcowan, Tue, Feb 6 3:29am

Liver metastasis is cancer from another part of the body. It's NOT liver cancer. You're correct about liver metastasis indicating the patient has stage 4 cancer. Colon cancer that metastasizes to the liver is colon cancer in the liver.
Carol […]

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Fri, Jan 5 10:44am · @pickthis · Possible Sepsis

Hello group. Was hoping someone could help me. My father was supposed to start his lay cycle of Xeloda but instead caught an infection of sorts or so his family physician said. He started on a week of antibiotics then went back in and they hit him with another dose [...]

Posted by @pickthis, Fri, Jan 5 8:49am

Hi Carol. Sorry it took me so long to respond and I’m sorry for not keeping up with posting on here but it has been a very hard month. He was so up and down – feeling half decent one day then completely awful the next with this respiratory thing […]

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Sat, Feb 3 9:29pm · @yllekeduj · Stage 4 Metastatic Rectal Cancer also moved to liver & pelvis

Like recent information on survival rate of people who have Stage 4 Metastatic Rectal Cancer that has moved into the lymph nods in the pelvis & also multiple tumors in the liver. No cancer in bones, lungs or brain. 57 years old with no prior health conditions. Always been active [...]

Posted by @yllekeduj, Dec 13, 2017

I really appreciate your response & you have given me some more avenues to explore!!!
Many thanks for taking the time to reply, so much appreciated!!! […]

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Nov 18, 2017 · @charles · Liquid Biopsy to Direct Treatment

I think liquid biopsies will change the way we think about and treat cancer with new precision cancer medicines. Colon cancer has several biomarkers that can be used to direct treatment. http://news.cancerconnect.com/what-is-a-liquid-biopsy/ I am curious if anybodies physician has offered to do a liquid biopsy? C [...]

Posted by @carolcowan, Nov 18, 2017

We have a member of the colon and rectal cancer group named EllieM. She posted frequently but I haven’t seen her posts for maybe a year now. She had what she called a “blood biopsy”. It was to see if there were genetic mutations and to see if there’s […]

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Nov 6, 2017 · @vaibhav · Colon cancer

My mom diagnosed with colon cancer .ca 125 was 118 and cea was 57 .after the three cycle of chemo ca 125 is 22 and cea is 50. I just want to know about her improvement .can you help me [...]

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Nov 30, 2017 · @afca_fc · Colon Cancer 3c - What treatment options are available?

I was living abroad and recently diagnosed with colon cancer stage 3c. I'm only 38 and never had any health issues before so this has been huge shock for me! I'm also mother to a small son and am concerned how to get through chemo. I've been advised to do [...]

Posted by @angb, Nov 27, 2017

Hi I also have stage 3 (c) coo cancer and currently FOLFOX I have #7 treatment coiming this week I have been doing ok and feel it is working Get a scam after –#9 They removed a tumor first . I have a had some side […]

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Nov 2, 2017 · @kirby · Diet for colon cancer 3.

What diet should I be on. I have colon cancer 3 and have not started chemo. I feel like I'm constipated today [...]

Posted by @pajamas35, Nov 2, 2017

@jan hit the nail on the head.
Absolutely drink lots of water.
I am also stage III. In my fourth year. Scared is what I felt as well. I’m sure that is very normal.
Strangely enough, I have felt that eating a lot of nuts, specifically almonds, and […]

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Oct 28, 2017 · @mbr66 · First appointment with Oncologist - what to ask??

Hi, my name is Mari, I'm 50 yrs old diagnosed with Stage 2A, 0/29 lymph nodes, just had surgery on October 12th to remove sigmoid colon tumor. My first appt with the oncologist is next Monday. I've been reading and writing questions I should address then and was wondering if [...]

Posted by @katie5963, Oct 28, 2017

If possible I would recommend you take someone to the appointment who could take notes for you. If you have someone just taking notes you can really pay attention to answers you get, and maybe think of other thinks you want to ask from that information. […]

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Dec 3, 2017 · @bethbourg · Rising CEA

My husband’s scans don’t show any new growth or increase in size in liver lesions. Colon tumor was removed in 11/2016 yet his CEA keeps creeping up. It was 78 a year ago and now over 200. Has anyone else experienced this? Thank you. [...]

Posted by @charles, Dec 2, 2017

Here is a link to the key biomarkers used for treatment decision making in colon cancer; http://news.cancerconnect.com/types-of-cancer/colon-cancer/diagnosis-tests/ FDA just approved the foundation one biomarker test this past week. Did insurance cover the test ?
C […]

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Nov 17, 2017 · @katie5963 · Keytruda and colon cancer

Has anyone taken keytruda for colon cancer? [...]

Posted by @jaymacgirls, Nov 16, 2017

Yes, I have been on it for 2 years this coming March. Stage 3B. Scans currently clear. Little to no side effects for me. […]

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Nov 28, 2017 · @kirby · Colon cancer type 3

I'm 61 and my mother died of a stroke at 70 and grandma at 60 Can chemo cause strokes.? [...]

Posted by @esther2k5, Nov 24, 2017

Chris Wark of chrisbeatscancer.com had advanced colon cancer in his late 20’s and had surgery but refused radiation & chemo and has been cancer free for 14 years. He made radical dietary changes and maintains a largely, though not exclusively, plant based diet and takes helpful nutritional supplements. Check out […]

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Oct 17, 2017 · @cancerconnect · Research News: Targeting BRAF and EGFR

Results from a recent study imply that inhibiting BRAF along with EGFR in patients with advanced colon caner may be more potent than inhibiting either of these targets alone. Read more here: http://news.cancerconnect.com/targeting-braf-egfr-doubles-progression-free-survival-metastatic-colorectal-cancer/ [...]

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