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4 days ago · @fmmarcus · Clinical trials

I need help looking for a clinical trial (colon cancer). Is their an agency that can help locate appropriate trials. I can't do it alone. Thank u [...]

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5 days ago · @pickthis · Stage 3 colon cancer to donchemo or not to do it

Hello, my dad who is 68 years of age had the colon cancer tumor removed may 1st and has just met with the oncologist. The oncologist has said he would like him to take the Xeloda pill for six months as chemo since the cancer was found in 3 lymph [...]

Posted by @carolcowan, 5 days ago

Xeloda “turns into” 5-FU inside of the body.If you want me to explain that, you probably would not get much out of it because it’s chemistry, anatomy, science, etc.

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4 days ago · @cab1964 · Son blood count 4 years after Stage 3 colon cancer.

So very concerned. Scan today. Don't know what to think. [...]

Posted by @cab1964, 4 days ago

Good news. Scan clear

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Tue, May 30 10:08am · @kfarmer61 · Opdiva

Stage 4 rectal cancer that has metastasized to my lungs. Has been there since 2011. Recently one nodule has gotten bigger and several others have appeared; this is after I was on Lonsurf for 17 months. They have now put me on Opdiva and I am wondering if anyone has [...]

Posted by @seaspray, Tue, May 30 10:08am

I have been on Opdivo since Sept., 2015. I have had around 45 infusions and almost all my tumors are gone! The only side effects I have is a zoomed up metabolism which effects my appetite but gives me endless energy. I have arthritis and am fairly certain Opdivo makes

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Thu, Jun 1 10:11am · @luisa · New Online Tool Guides Genetic Testing for Lynch Syndrome

A new online assessment tool developed at Dana-Farber can help rapidly identify people who should undergo genetic testing for Lynch syndrome, an inherited disorder that greatly increases the lifetime risk of colorectal, endometrial, ovarian, stomach, and other cancers. An estimated 1 in 279 individuals – nearly a million people in [...]

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Tue, Jun 13 3:19pm · @mdichter · Chemo finished now what?

My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 (spread to distant lymph nodes but no other organs) colon cancer in October, he had surgery and just finished twelve rounds of chemo. He has a follow up appointment with the oncologist in a few weeks and then appointments for scans etc a [...]

Posted by @pajamas35, Tue, Jun 13 3:19pm

When I got my port, they gave me a leaflet that accompanied it indicating the port manufacturer. Perhaps you have a leaflet or can ask the doctor about who the manufacturer is. Maybe that can lead you to the answer to your question

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Sun, Jun 11 5:55pm · @pickthis · Stage 3a Colon Cancer 68 yr old male

My dad fell from his dump truck and fractured his pelvis (left acetabulum) on april 20th, 2017. While in the hospital he also caught pneumonia and his lungs filled up causing an aspiration and going code blue. They said he wouldn't make it through the night. He did .. and [...]

Posted by @pickthis, Sun, Jun 11 5:55pm

Hello again … my dad is still on meds for his infection but his right shoulder is now paining him even more than before and also has the same pain on the side of his right ribs and it looks swollen. The pain on his shoulder is at the top

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Thu, May 18 4:15pm · @hollyd · Questions for my surgeon

I have my last appt. today with my surgeon, before being turned over to oncology. I usually have a long list of questions (which he answers about 80% before I ask questions). This time my list is very short & mostly consists of activity levels & progression of what I [...]

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Wed, Jun 7 6:27am · @hollyd · Newly diagnosed

I was diagnosed with colon cancer on April 25th, had surgery on May 4th, and subsequently diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer on May 9th. I am completely & totally overwhelmed. Physically I'm healing up well, but my emotions have completely tanked. I will start chemo 6 weeks post-op, but [...]

Posted by @pajamas35, Wed, Jun 7 6:27am

I am like you, diagnosed on my 51st birthday, stage 3 with one bad lymph. Usual chemo. Best advice, though very cliche- take it moment by moment. Also, make sure you are confident in your doctors.

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Thu, May 11 8:33am · @seachange · 85 year old father diagnosed with stage 4 terminal colorectal cancer.

His tummy area is full of tumors. His colonoscopy photos are horrifying with great black holes everywhere. His liver has mets and a tumor has grown through the back of his bladder into the bladder lumen. His lower lung lobes are bilaterially filling sith fluid, which the docs are calling [...]

Posted by @carolcowan, Thu, May 11 8:33am

There’s something else I need to mention for anyone who is making a decision about whether to use TPN (IV nutrition) at the end of someone’s life. Because it’s an infusion, it’s sometimes viewed as a treatment. It can also be viewed as a “life support” measure by family, friends,

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Fri, May 19 7:43am · @worellmtaylor · Clinical Trials

Everyone reacts differently but I'm just wondering if anyone of you has gone through or is going through the Irinotecan + Cetuximab combined with Avastin (only some rounds). My mom is going to start this treatment Wednesday. I've tried to research the best I could to prepare.. TGIF :) [...]

Posted by @katie5963, Fri, May 19 7:43am

@Elliem thinking of you this morning…how are things going? Beautiful day where I am, hope where you are too.

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Thu, May 4 3:19pm · @worellmtaylor · fear of the unknown, reaching for a hand

Hello, I am a 24 year old daughter to an awesome 48 year old mother. October 25th 2015 (a rainy cold sunday) she was told she had advanced stage 4 colorectal cancer that had spread to her liver, lungs and lymph nodes. If it hadn't been found then she would've [...]

Posted by @worellmtaylor, Thu, May 4 3:19pm

@Janny Thank you. I am defiantly hopeful!! I know for me there are certain scan visits and sudden sick spells for her that just kind of slap me in the face and reality sets in again.

God bless, I wish you and your family the best

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Tue, May 2 9:47am · @Elliem · Hi, my name is Ellie. I have begun a new chapter in [...]

Hi, my name is Ellie. I have begun a new chapter in my cancer journey. I would like to hear from others who have stopped chemo and are still going strong. After 3 1/2 years of treatment for stage 4 colorectal cancer with lung mets, I have chosen quality over [...]

Posted by @jayman, Tue, May 2 9:47am

Ellie, I am not on chemo.  I am in remission.  I have not reached the point where my tumors have come back.  It has been about two years since my surgery, and ongoing CT scans show no return of detectable cancer.  I have no illusions, however, that I am cured.  It

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Thu, Apr 20 10:16am · @jillw · My partner was diagnosed with stage3 colon cancer march 7 through emergency [...]

My partner was diagnosed with stage3 colon cancer march 7 through emergency perforated bowel surgery. He will start the FOLFOX chemo treatment next week after his upcoming PET scan this week. I don't like his oncologist because he is only interested in getting him into chemo. He has not talked [...]

Posted by @bandofsisters1, Thu, Apr 20 10:16am

Protein is important so muscle mass is not lost. However, I have found while on chemo that I am having trouble eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Twice now I have gotten sick from eating a salad. As I understand it, the immunity cancer patients has is low and may not

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Fri, Mar 31 10:53am · @conlyfamily · Cancer Treatment Centers of America

My husband was dx in April 2015, had resection of colon tumor in April 2015. Then he did 6 mos folfox chemotherapy from May-Oct 2015. Had spots in lung entire time, started to grow in 2016. Had lobectomy of right lung in Sept 2016 and received terminal diagnosis in Jan [...]

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