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4 hours ago · @kamp2020 · Lung nodules on ct in Colon & Rectal Cancer

My CT results says I have lower left lobe lung nodules. Anybody else out there have that experience [...]

Posted by kamp2020, 23 hours ago

I see the GI surgeon on Tuesday and will find out the plan then. I also have a cyst on a kidney. The wait to get everything done has been agonizing. This all started mid October.

Posted by charles, 4 hours ago

Things are slow and more frustrating than usual due to COVID - sounds like you are just about ready to have all the info gathered you will need to make treatment decisions. Here is a good treatment overview here - understand your options before you MD visit - it will [...]


4 days ago · @dmcsw9 · Stage 1 Question in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Are most people diagnosed with stage 1 CRC followed by an oncologist or just surgical oncologist? Can anyone with stage 1 let me know their experience? [...]

Posted by dmcsw9, 4 days ago

Thank you Charles. Yes, I have abdominal/pelvic MRI’s and chest CT every 6 months and annual colonoscopy. I noticed some people are followed by oncologist ( my cousin is stage one breast cancer, no chemo/radiation and she has been followed by medical oncologist, not surgeon) It makes sense why oncologist [...]

Posted by charles, 4 days ago

Frankly it can be either or - as long as you have a defined follow up and surveillance plan in place.


4 days ago · @wpsmith9 · Bereavement in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Having a bad day. Sitting here reading a bereavement book I received from DFCI and the guilt set in. Guilt sucks!!! Sitting here crying my eyes out over having Brenda put into Hospice the last 5 days of her life! Feeling guilty because I truly believe if she was home [...] [...]

Posted by novemberblue, 5 days ago

My dad died a few months ago. His wish was to die at home. When the time came, I couldn't make that happen and he died in a nursing home under hospice care. I feel guilty about it sometimes, but mostly I take comfort knowing that he got far better [...]

Posted by jbob53, 4 days ago

My Mother died in Michigan less than a week after I had visited her from Texas. The Hospice nurse changed her care the day after I left. She was is Memory Care - died of Alheimer's - not cancer. I will always be glad I was with her near the [...]


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5 days ago · @izzy1 · Update Izzy in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Hi everyone, It is with a very heavy heart that I must write that my sweet, wonderful mother has passed away. She passed on Saturday, 1/9/21, at 10 p.m. She tried her best to eat and gain weight, so that she can start treatment. The cancer just took over. It [...] [...]

Posted by kamp2020, 5 days ago

I'm so sorry for your loss. Be patient with yourself and grieve at your own pace. My mom has been gone for 15 years and I still miss her. I use nature as my calm, when I see something in nature that makes me smile I know she is standing [...]


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Posted by pcedarman, 5 days ago

Very sorry to hear of the passing of your Mom. You should be proud that you and she fought hard and worked at to seek a solution. It does and will take time. You are doing the right thing by seeking grief support. We lost our Mom 5-years ago and [...]


5 hours ago · @sueriordan · Colonoscopy coverage on Medicare in Access to Care

I just had my second colonoscopy on Medicare They denied coverage as it had only been 1 yr since last colonoscopyI have been having annually as when I got colon ca 6 yrs ago it occurred right before the 2 year mark. So the concern was that if I went [...]


Posted by charles, 6 days ago

Thee doctor performing your colonoscopies should be able to provide you with a reason for the denial. If you have been cancer free for 5 years is suspect Medicare no longer believes you need annual colonoscopies. Anyone getting a colonoscopy or other "elective" procedure should always get "pre-approval" from their [...]

Posted by sueriordan, 5 hours ago

Thanks Charles for your response. I am filing an appeal with Medicare as they only allow every 24 mos. With my situation I need to get annually. So without having special circumstances it is only covered every 24 mos


Jan 8 9:51am · @izzy1 · Update #2 Izzy in Colon & Rectal Cancer

I had to make the difficult decision to put my mom (Izzy) on a ventilator today. I spoke to her on Monday and she sounded good. Tuesday the nurse called and said she was very lethargic and anxious. They allowed me to go into the hospital today and be with [...] [...]

Posted by grammym, Jan 8 10:31am

We are praying for you, your mom and family Izzy. Sorry your mom needed the ventilator but aren't we lucky there was one available to ease her breathing for now. I can feel your hope and strength and I am glad you have an aunt that is there too. It [...]

Posted by kamp2020, Jan 8 9:50am

I'm praying for you all.


Jan 9 11:54am · @kamp2020 · Newly Diagnosed and So frustrated! in Colon & Rectal Cancer

I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer Dec 22 and have yet to see a Dr because of delays. I'm to get my CT on Thursday and the MRI on the 13th but then don't see a Dr till the 19th because they didn't get the authorization in time for my [...]


Posted by jbob53, Jan 9 11:19am

Colon cancer treatments are rarely an emergency. You seem to be progressing well. Don't sweat the delay, but remember "You are your own best advocate." If you are on Medicare, approvals take a little time, but they usually don't out your progress in jeopardy. I have not had a MRI [...]

Posted by kamp2020, Jan 9 11:53am

My CT was of the lungs, abdomen, and pelvis. My MRI is if the rectum and pelvis where they found the cancerous polyp.


Jan 5 9:57pm · @dmcsw9 · Sexual issues after low anterior resection in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Hi everyone- this is my first post. I’m a 48 year old female who had low anterior resection with TME in Jan 2020 for rectal cancer. Since the cancer was stage 1, I did not require chemo or radiation. I have not had sexual intercourse since my surgery and am [...] [...]

Posted by dmcsw9, Jan 5 9:16pm

Thanks Beth. Yes, I definitely think this is largely psychological. It’s nice to meet people who understand. It’s amazing that colorectal cancer is so common yet I’ve never met anyone who has or had it. It’s been a lonely journey at times. I had no idea I was going to [...]

Posted by gobluegirl, Jan 5 9:56pm

Yes the aftermath of colorectal surgery can be very challenging to live with. I have had bowel issues since 2004. Lomotil works for me when gets really bad. Some days it totally sucks! It's just something that you have to learn to deal with. I read a lot of books [...]


Dec 23, 2020 · @izzy1 · Update in Colon & Rectal Cancer

I took my mom to the ER early this morning because she was still having trouble breathing. They admitted her and suspect that cancer has spread to her liver. I'm still very hopeful that things will turn around. I called a little while ago and she's eating!!! She told me [...] [...]

Posted by grammym, Dec 22, 2020

So sorry this is taking so much out of you as well as your mother. So many of us try to control what is happening only to eventually figure out we can only control what we eat and put in our body, but the ongoing disease is not something we [...]


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Posted by izzy1, Dec 23, 2020

Thank you, Marilyn,
I found out yesterday that it has spread to her liver. The doctors at MD Anderson Cancer Center never mentioned the liver to me. It angers me so much not having all the information. The doctors here in MD are great!! They all have taken the time [...]


Dec 20, 2020 · @izzy1 · Dry Mouth in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Good morning all, I was wondering if anyone had any tricks for helping with dry mouth? Also, my mom says she feels hungry but when she sees the food or smells it, it turns her stomach. She has not started and treatments yet. Just in case she was diagnosed with [...] [...]

Posted by izzy1, Dec 20, 2020

Charles, thank you. This information is great!!!!!

Posted by pcedarman, Dec 20, 2020

They gave prescriptions for 3, #1-Prochlorperazine, #2-Lorazepam and #3-Ondansetron. I think they said, if needed, try #1, if that doesn't work well try #2, if that doesn't work try #3. You can ask the MD and nurses. I also recall that certain nausea meds are not recommended with all chemo [...]


Dec 9, 2020 · @pcedarman · Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Tools for Colon Cancer in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Anyone familiar with this. ? [...]

Dec 20, 2020 · @zeta · Do you feel safe from COVID during chemotherapy? in Breast Cancer- Early Stage

I am about to start chemo. I found out that the hospital does not test people for COVID before chemo treatment appointments and puts people receiving chemo together in a big room for many hours. Chairs are "distanced" and I assume everyone wears mask. This sounds concerning. What is your [...]


Posted by friendbrook, Dec 20, 2020

In Michigan, treatment center wipes chairs, IV poles, bathroom doors, TV remotes - very satisfied. No visitors. Masks. I'm very confident all protocol is being met where I go for fruit juice (chemo - I don't like that word so I always say "fruit juice").

Posted by izzy1, Dec 20, 2020

I hope all goes well with the "fruit juice." I like it "fruit juice" it is.


5 days ago · @izzy1 · losing weight in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Hi guys, my mom had her appointment on the 19th of November, weighed 124.5. On November 11th she weighed 129, so in one week she lost 5lbs. I brought her home with me on the 19th. I started a food journal and I have been cooking all her meals and [...] [...]

Posted by izzy1, Jan 4 10:07am

Thank you. She does want treatment so I'm going to reach out to John Hopkins. I will keep everyone posted.

Posted by stephaniegardner, 5 days ago

Hi Izzy, I thought about hospice when my husband was first diagnosed thinking "I don't know what/how to do this".. Then I had a rethink and went nope forget hospice cause that's saying its the end.. Pallative care is OK as they're there for the person to help them with [...]


Nov 29, 2020 · @charles · Surgery and COVID What Precautions? in Breast Cancer- Early Stage

Scheduled to have surgery to remove cancer and the hospital doesn't seem to be taking too many precautions. I am curious what precautions others that have undergone surgery have experienced at their hospital?


Posted by pcedarman, Nov 29, 2020

9 days at Stanford for colon/liver open surgery in Summer 2019. New mask on entry and questions, masks 100% of time inside, staff nursing, MDs and all staff sanitize with every entry and exit of room. Visitor can only enter 1 time per day, 1 visitor at a time. Drive-thru, [...]

Posted by pupwhisperer, Nov 29, 2020

If hospital does not take Covid precautions I would delay surgery or switch surgeon and hospital. Also I was supposed to stay overnight after surgery and decided to go home instead. That’s always an option although difficult without someone to stay with u. I was able to hire home nurse.


Nov 19, 2020 · @izzy1 · Just diagnosed in Colon & Rectal Cancer

My mom a few weeks ago was diagnosed with colon cancer. They saw several mass on her lungs from an X-ray and immediately admitted her. Drained 1/2 liter from R lung then a full liter the next day, no cancerous cells found in fluid. A mass was pressing on her [...] [...]

Posted by grammym, Nov 18, 2020

HI Izzy and Kristy, I totally agree with Kristy's suggestions and just wanted to wish you luck in getting a clearer picture of what is going on. Trust your instincts and don't hesitate to get a second opinion. Most docs have developed their own treatment plans to see what works [...]


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Posted by pcedarman, Nov 19, 2020

Hi Izzy,
- You should definitely get more opinions. Go to a Research & High Number of Patients Cancer Center. University of Pennsylvania or another in Charles' list. High volume research centers see many more patients than smaller community hospitals. They have more advanced imaging techniques and equipment. And top [...]


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