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18 hours ago · @izzy1 · losing weight in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Hi guys, my mom had her appointment on the 19th of November, weighed 124.5. On November 11th she weighed 129, so in one week she lost 5lbs. I brought her home with me on the 19th. I started a food journal and I have been cooking all her meals and [...] [...]

Posted by pcedarman, 1 day ago

If they biopsied a lesion in the lung and are reporting a positive result on cancer in the lung, that conclusion came from the pathology of the tissue from the lung biopsy. I had a biopsy of liver and that is what confirmed it as malignant cancer versus a benign [...]

Posted by izzy1, 18 hours ago

The pulmonologist said that my mom's right lung is collapsed. He said that one of the procedures that can be done is gluing the lung to the chest wall so that fluid will not continue to fill up. She did not lose any more weight she weighed in at [...]


4 days ago · @charles · Surgery and COVID What Precautions? in Breast Cancer- Early Stage

Scheduled to have surgery to remove cancer and the hospital doesn't seem to be taking too many precautions. I am curious what precautions others that have undergone surgery have experienced at their hospital?


Posted by pcedarman, 5 days ago

9 days at Stanford for colon/liver open surgery in Summer 2019. New mask on entry and questions, masks 100% of time inside, staff nursing, MDs and all staff sanitize with every entry and exit of room. Visitor can only enter 1 time per day, 1 visitor at a time. Drive-thru, [...]

Posted by pupwhisperer, 4 days ago

If hospital does not take Covid precautions I would delay surgery or switch surgeon and hospital. Also I was supposed to stay overnight after surgery and decided to go home instead. That’s always an option although difficult without someone to stay with u. I was able to hire home nurse.


Nov 19 5:04am · @izzy1 · Just diagnosed in Colon & Rectal Cancer

My mom a few weeks ago was diagnosed with colon cancer. They saw several mass on her lungs from an X-ray and immediately admitted her. Drained 1/2 liter from R lung then a full liter the next day, no cancerous cells found in fluid. A mass was pressing on her [...] [...]

Posted by grammym, Nov 18 11:10am

HI Izzy and Kristy, I totally agree with Kristy's suggestions and just wanted to wish you luck in getting a clearer picture of what is going on. Trust your instincts and don't hesitate to get a second opinion. Most docs have developed their own treatment plans to see what works [...]


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Posted by pcedarman, Nov 19 5:03am

Hi Izzy,
- You should definitely get more opinions. Go to a Research & High Number of Patients Cancer Center. University of Pennsylvania or another in Charles' list. High volume research centers see many more patients than smaller community hospitals. They have more advanced imaging techniques and equipment. And top [...]


Oct 28 12:37pm · @charles · Cancer Screening and COVID-19 in Access to Care

We need to encourage everyone to get their screening colonoscopies and mammograms this year. The NCI estimates that 30-40,000 people will die unnecessarily because of COVID caused failures to undergo screening colonoscopy and mammograms. COVID is not a reason to forego or delay your early detection programs. We need to [...]


Posted by pvaritimidis, Oct 28 6:53am

Dr. Weaver thanks for reminding all of us. It is so important.


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Posted by tonicorbett, Oct 28 12:35pm

Thanks C. Good reminder.


Nov 13 7:13am · @marian4 · Colonoscopy in Colon & Rectal Cancer

I am happy to report that I had my annual colonoscopy last week and all is well. It was my 25th colonoscopy since my colon cancer in 1994 and because of my Lynch syndrome. I always say that the day after my colonoscopy is the happiest day of the year [...] [...]

Posted by georgebeker, Nov 13 7:00am

Another great excuse to toast you! B est wishes for the next one and every one past that!


Posted by marian4, Nov 13 7:12am

Thanks, George.


4 hours ago · @pennymw · Cea ortho markers in Colon & Rectal Cancer

What does it mean when your number is at 25.2? Anyone please give me an idea [...]

Posted by pennymw, 21 hours ago

How do I find out about those biomarker testing

Posted by charles, 5 hours ago

i sent you a link that explains NGS testing and the specific medicine used to treat to each target - here it is again. Its important that your doctor test for these treatable colon cancers. Best C


Oct 22 11:45pm · @pennymw · Cea ortho markers in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Can anyone tell me what a 25.2 marker means please [...]

Oct 3 8:11am · @pkartmann · Declining the adjuvant chemo in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Anyone that can share their story after declining the chemo? [...]

Posted by charles, Oct 3 6:38am

George - what a great outcome. Your situation highlights the importance of surgically removing "oligometastatic" disease. Not all cancer centers offer surgery for mets and this can and does lead to cure. I am curious, did you ever have NGS testing on your cancer? Any biomarkers? Best C

Posted by georgebeker, Oct 3 8:10am

Thanks for your kind words. As to your questions, no, I did not have any such testing. Recall that my bout with the original tumor and the lung mets was some 6-1/2 and 8 years ago and (if it was available) the decision was to not do testing since myl [...]


Sep 15 6:22pm · @klwilliamson · stage 4 colorectal cancer in Colon & Rectal Cancer

I am 61 years old. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer in May of 2018. I had to have a colostomy but had it reversed within 8 months of being diagnosed. My cancer numbers (CEA) started to climb a little by little after about a year and half [...] [...]

Sep 15 3:05pm · @pkartmann · Adjuvant chemo for Stage 2B in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Who has experienced this? How difficult was the chemo? 


Posted by pcedarman, Sep 15 2:43pm

This a very scary and humbling experience that none of wanted or expected. Not a single person in my family has or had colon cancer. We fight, share our knowledge and experiences help each other and future patients. Good luck. We all need the prayers! Thank you for yours.

Posted by bills, Sep 15 3:04pm

PK, I was stage 3b with 3 involved lymph nodes. I had surgery and then folfox 6 , 12 treatments. It's been 9 years and all is well. Be aware that Oxyllaplatin causes neuropathy so keep this at top of mind and in the conversation with your Oncologist. They are [...]


Sep 7 12:06pm · @rasubida · Colorectal cancer stage 2 and 2 in Colon & Rectal Cancer

I'm stage 2 T3NOMO colorectal cancer since 2018 got surgery followed by oral chemotheraphy for 6 months. My concerned is my CEA levels are increasing from 1.5 to 7! Any advice how to lowered or improved my cea levels? Can turmeric increase your cea levels? [...]

Aug 27 2:42pm · @pcedarman · DOTA SCAN in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Can anyone provide background and/or links to information on these type scans? What are they for? What information can they provide? [...]

Aug 21 9:04am · @franciscogueco · Is Adjuvant Chemotherapy Necessary? in Colon & Rectal Cancer

I am weighing the benefits of undergoing adjuvant chemotherapy versus risks of adversenside effects. Histopathology result after resectioning surgery for colorectal cancer is T2N0Mx. Is it beneficial to undergo CAPOX chemotherapy? Furthermore, if ever I decide to undergo CAPOX Chemotherapy, will the 3 month treatment do? I hope you could [...] [...]

Posted by charles, Aug 21 6:11am

Sounds like you have a stage I or IIA colon cancer - this means it was caught very early and there is unlikely to be spread outside the colon. Current clinical studies do not support the routine use of adjuvant chemotherapy for cancers of this stage. I of course [...]

Posted by georgebeker, Aug 21 9:03am

I had a stage 1 CRC. Resection and no involvement of any lymph nodes. No chemo recommended. The CRC should have stopped there. Found two mets (one in each lung) 18 months later.. Resections removed all the bad guys (via little VATS slits) and 6 months of chemo (FOLFOX). Now [...]


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Sep 15 2:40pm · @marydixon · Advanced colon cancer stage 4 spread to distant lymph nodes in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Hi there, My dear friend has just been diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer. It is T4M1 and has spread to the local lymph nodes and also the distant lymph nodes in the neck and chest. She is a very healthy and fit 55 year old. She is starting [...] [...]

Posted by charles, Sep 10 7:22am

Glad to hear your sister is responding to treatment and it sounds like a good plan. Has the doctor explained the goal of therapy to you? Best C

Posted by bills, Sep 15 2:38pm

I was diagnosed with stage 3b colon cancer at 52. I had surgery followed by folfox6 chemo for 6 months. I'm 61 and all is well to this point. I realize T4M1 is different but I wish you and your good friend the best ! Positive thoughts and prayers going [...]


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Aug 18 2:09pm · @marydixon · Advanced bowel cancer in neck and chest lymph nodes in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Hi there My dear friend has just been diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer. The problem is that the cancer has spread from her bowel to the local lymph nodes, and also to the distant lymph nodes in her neck and chest. She was told it is T4M1. She is [...] [...]

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