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14 hours ago · @yllekeduj · Stage 4 Metastatic Rectal Cancer also moved to liver & pelvis

Like recent information on survival rate of people who have Stage 4 Metastatic Rectal Cancer that has moved into the lymph nods in the pelvis & also multiple tumors in the liver. No cancer in bones, lungs or brain. 57 years old with no prior health conditions. Always been active [...]

Posted by @carolcowan, 14 hours ago

There are so many recently FDA approved drugs and procedures that the old statistics are no longer accurate. You are part of the new statistics.
Carol […]

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11 hours ago · @charles · Liquid Biopsy to Direct Treatment

I think liquid biopsies will change the way we think about and treat cancer with new precision cancer medicines. Colon cancer has several biomarkers that can be used to direct treatment. http://news.cancerconnect.com/what-is-a-liquid-biopsy/ I am curious if anybodies physician has offered to do a liquid biopsy? C [...]

Posted by @ucsfcounselor2, 11 hours ago

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Mon, Nov 6 2:49pm · @vaibhav · Colon cancer

My mom diagnosed with colon cancer .ca 125 was 118 and cea was 57 .after the three cycle of chemo ca 125 is 22 and cea is 50. I just want to know about her improvement .can you help me [...]

Posted by @megm, Mon, Nov 6 2:49pm

Hi @vaibhav, what do her doctors say? […]

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4 days ago · @afca_fc · Colon Cancer 3c - What treatment options are available?

I was living abroad and recently diagnosed with colon cancer stage 3c. I'm only 38 and never had any health issues before so this has been huge shock for me! I'm also mother to a small son and am concerned how to get through chemo. I've been advised to do [...]

Posted by @maltman, 4 days ago

New to the group here with stage III colon cancer-being treated at Sloan Kettering in NY. I am on FLOFOX but i believe there are clinical trials for the new checkpoint inhibitors […]

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Thu, Nov 2 10:51am · @kirby · Diet for colon cancer 3.

What diet should I be on. I have colon cancer 3 and have not started chemo. I feel like I'm constipated today [...]

Posted by @Jan, Thu, Nov 2 10:51am

@pajamas35 4 th year cancer free? […]

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Sat, Oct 28 9:34am · @mbr66 · First appointment with Oncologist - what to ask??

Hi, my name is Mari, I'm 50 yrs old diagnosed with Stage 2A, 0/29 lymph nodes, just had surgery on October 12th to remove sigmoid colon tumor. My first appt with the oncologist is next Monday. I've been reading and writing questions I should address then and was wondering if [...]

Posted by @mbr66, Sat, Oct 28 9:34am

That’s a great suggestion! I’ll do that, thanks!! […]

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Mon, Nov 6 12:21pm · @bethbourg · Rising CEA

My husband’s scans don’t show any new growth or increase in size in liver lesions. Colon tumor was removed in 11/2016 yet his CEA keeps creeping up. It was 78 a year ago and now over 200. Has anyone else experienced this? Thank you. [...]

Posted by @carolcowan, Mon, Nov 6 12:21pm

Is he getting chemo? Did his CEA ever go down? What was it at diagnosis? I’m Carol, a moderator here and a retired oncology and hospice RN. I’m NOT a doctor. One possibility for the high CEA is that the metastasis is still in his liver. It’s colon cancer […]

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1 day ago · @katie5963 · Keytruda and colon cancer

Has anyone taken keytruda for colon cancer? [...]

Posted by @katie5963, 1 day ago

Are you MHI? […]

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3 days ago · @kirby · Colon cancer type 3

I'm 61 and my mother died of a stroke at 70 and grandma at 60 Can chemo cause strokes.? [...]

Posted by @Jan, 3 days ago

I will say a prayer that his Ct is perfect!! […]

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Tue, Oct 17 9:37am · @cancerconnect · Research News: Targeting BRAF and EGFR

Results from a recent study imply that inhibiting BRAF along with EGFR in patients with advanced colon caner may be more potent than inhibiting either of these targets alone. Read more here: http://news.cancerconnect.com/targeting-braf-egfr-doubles-progression-free-survival-metastatic-colorectal-cancer/ [...]

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Thu, Oct 12 1:12pm · @pickthis · Low temperature with a cough and nasal congestion

Well it's already that time of the season. I thought I would have to start worrying bout the flu and colds closer to November but my dad has caught something. He of course says it's nothing and that he will get over it. But he is all stuffed up and [...]

Posted by @carolcowan, Thu, Oct 12 1:12pm

Because of your oncologist appointment today I didn’t respond with ideas yesterday. Xeloda causes diarrhea and heartburn in many people. The chemo destroys and inhibits the growth of more cancer cells, it also messes with the other cells lining the gastrointestinal system. In your dad’s case, the doctor will […]

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2 days ago · @tschneider · Stage IIA Colon cancer

I just had surgery to remove ascending and 1/2 of transverse colon. A stage IIA with 0/20 lymph nodes effected pathology report. I go to see the Oncologist today to talk about risk factors. I am a 49 year old, ex-world class athlete that is still in great shape. From [...]

Posted by @jaymacgirls, 2 days ago

Is Immune therapy an option for you? I had much better results than I did with 2 different types of Chemo at stage 3B […]

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Tue, Sep 26 11:17am · @katie5963 · SIRT, Y-90, radioembolization on liver

Has anyone recently had radioembolization, SIRT, Y-90 for liver mets from colon cancer? If so, would you share your experience? My husband is stage 4 and has been on chemo for 2+ yrs. [...]

Posted by @ucsfcounselor2, Tue, Sep 26 11:17am

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Thu, Sep 21 4:26pm · @sarag · bowel cancer

my husband had major surgery feb 2016 total colectomy n has ilioestomy now.had stage 3a1 bowel cancer.Was unable for xyledo due to poor health after surgery.So far scans n blood work fine but gets very tired after a few hours exercise n gets anxious about small things.Wondering if anybody had [...]

Posted by @ucsfcounselor2, Thu, Sep 21 4:26pm

You have reached an email address that does not exist. […]

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Mon, Sep 25 11:19pm · @angb · Newly diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Chemo ordered

Newly diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Had a baseball size tumor removed a month ago. There were some enlarged lymph nodes removed as well, six of seventeen were cancer. I was ordered twelve rounds of chemo. FOLFOX is my regimen Had first treatment already and did ok Kept up om nausea [...]

Posted by @bethbourg, Sat, Aug 26 7:46am

Hi @angb. So sorry you have joined this “club”. My husband was diagnosed in 3/2016. He had several rounds of FOLFORI then almost a year of Erbitux and he is now on FOLFOX with Avastin. He has never had nausea or vomiting. His main reactions are increased neuropathy (he already […]

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