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4 days ago · @sunflowergirl · probiotics… in Colon & Rectal Cancer

I have been cancer free for 9 months now! I recently had an appointment with my Gyno who adamantly urged me to start a macrobiotic diet and take a probiotic daily. When I mentioned this to my colorectal surgeon, he said that the probiotic is absolutely not necessary. He thinks [...] [...]

Posted by sunflowergirl, 4 days ago

Thank you Charles. I always appreciate your insight and input with regards to my question/topic and all the others that I read as well.
THANK YOU so much for all you do is so helpful!

Posted by charles, 4 days ago

Glad you find it useful - I sure enjoy being part to the community. C


Feb 20 10:47am · @charles · NGS-Biomarker Testing in Stage III Colon Cancer in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Several individuals with stage III colon cancer have asked questions about the role of testing in stage III disease. While firmly established in the management of stage IV disease insurers will make the coverage of NGS testing in earlier stage colon cancer difficult until there is more clinical trials data [...] [...]

Posted by charles, Feb 20 9:30am

Good you reached out - i do believe the Dr has to be involved and order the test. Do you have a link to the trial? I have a meeting with Natera on monday and perhaps i can help


Posted by seriously1, Feb 20 10:46am


Feb 11 9:04am · @seriously1 · Who should get NGS and which version in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Looking at a few articles, including, it seems tricky to know when NGS can be helpful for treatment options. Should patients request this testing for any particular stage or only under certain conditions? Would insurance generally cover these tests or are they considered nonstandard? As a [...] [...]

Posted by seriously1, Feb 11 5:30am

Tempus does have a very generous financial aid program and will quickly tell you how much you will be required to pay. My income for 2021 is pretty high yet $100 was the amount I would need to pay for testing, assuming insurance refused to cover anything. Checking with Blue [...]

Posted by charles, Feb 11 9:03am

So NGS testing is a moving target based on the results of ongoing clinical trials. It should be standard of care for anyone with stage IV disease at this point. Insurance probably wont cover stage III testing in most cases but an important thing to remember and communicate to your [...]


Feb 5 8:04am · @dmcsw9 · Lymphedema?? in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Has anyone experienced bilateral leg swelling after colorectal surgery? I had LAR one year ago. This past summer I got a sunburn and had bilateral leg swelling for almost 2 weeks. My legs eventually returned to normal but I was shocked and had no idea I was at risk. Is [...] [...]

Posted by charles, Feb 5 8:01am

I would think not

Posted by dmcsw9, Feb 5 8:03am

Good to know- thank you!


Feb 16 4:45am · @charles · Nutrition, Cancer & Mediterranean Diet in Nutrition & Integrative Medicine

Curious what individuals experience has been regarding nutritional advice and cancer treatment? Has your oncologist recommended a Mediterranean diet?


Posted by molly5, Feb 16 4:11am

I got a chuckle from your reply. 😊

Posted by molly5, Feb 16 4:44am

Thank you for your post. I'm trying to find the right balance with nutrition. I like to keep it simple and uncomplicated. My biggest downfall is my sweet tooth. I'm trying to find a healthy substitute for my after dinner sweet craving. Question - I have a bowl of Total [...]


Feb 5 9:20am · @kamp2020 · Rectal cancer in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Start radiation and chemo on Wed for 28 days. Any recommendations on diet etc. [...]

Posted by gobluegirl, Feb 5 9:05am

Hi radiation has a cumulative effect so for me the week after I finished my 28 days was the worst. Area was red, irritated, and very sore to touch. I took the week off work. Since I'm a girl especially hurt with urination. I had Biafine cream to use was [...]

Posted by kamp2020, Feb 5 9:19am

Thank you Beth for the information. Blessings to you


Feb 11 8:10am · @sallyp · Lonsurf in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Has anyone tried LONSURF? Was it effective? [...]

Posted by sallyp, Feb 11 8:06am

His CEA went down 110 points on just one round with LONSURF. Can we take this as a good sign that the drug is being effective? I know it is still early in this treatment.

Posted by charles, Feb 11 8:09am

Yes Lonsurf appears to be working. C


Jan 29 7:13pm · @seriously1 · Right hemicolectomy with stage 3 hepatic flexure mass est=7 CM, CEA 45 in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Going in for second opinion Wednesday. I was most concerned that there might be a chance that the surgery could be done laparoscopically as opposed to the first opinion, from last Wednesday, which is it is best done open. After waiting these few days I started wondering if given the [...] [...]

Posted by thedonnaleavitt, Jan 26 9:23am

I had robotic surgery to remove a 6.8 cm tumor in my sigmoid colon and 10 inches of my colon in November 2016. Everything went very well and I didn't have any problems.


Liked by Terry

Posted by seriously1, Jan 29 7:09pm

My first opinion is from Loyola Hospital in the Chicago area, while the second is from Rush Hospital in the same area. Loyola's Dr. Eberhart says open is the best plan while Dr. Saclarides says he would start with Lap and go to open if necessary. He said don't get [...]


Jan 26 5:07am · @sallystrong123 · SEEKING ADVICE ON INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY for colon cancer in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Hi, I was diagnosed with colon cancer metastatic to the liver in Sept. of 2019. I began receiving chemo in October, every other week. My last 2 scans showed no change, good or bad, to the lesions on my liver. I am considering Interventional Radiology. Looking for advice from anyone [...] [...]

Posted by sallystrong123, Jan 25 10:33am

Hi. So I have 9 lesions on my liver that are spread out. I have no other cancer anywhere else. I've been on chemo for 1 1/2 years. I'm am receiving care at Dana Farber in Massachusetts. My oncologist has said that interventional radiology may be the bridge to a [...]

Posted by charles, Jan 26 5:06am

I would get the consult now. Are they considering the microspheres? Best C


2 days ago · @dmcsw9 · Embarrassed by diagnosis in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Does anyone ever feel embarrassed by their diagnosis? Not so much the cancer, but the “type” of cancer? I often find myself saying colorectal instead of rectal cancer. I’m not sure there is much difference, but I find I’m doing it to avoid using the word rectal. I’m not so [...] [...]

Posted by coupejete, Jan 30 2:17pm

I am in the same boat. If u say I had rectal cancer people just don't get It! So I also say colorectal cancer. This is similar but not same. I still am lucky enough to have my colon.

Posted by friendbrook, 2 days ago

Nope. Never felt embarrassed about it at all. In fact, I have a colostomy and joke about my two a$$holes.


Liked by Terry

Jan 20 8:42am · @kamp2020 · Lung nodules on ct in Colon & Rectal Cancer

My CT results says I have lower left lobe lung nodules. Anybody else out there have that experience [...]

Posted by dmcsw9, Jan 20 8:13am

That’s completely understandable- it’s very overwhelming. I had to constantly remind myself to stay in the moment and not get ahead of myself. I know it’s easier said than done but try to take it one step at a time. Focus only on the next appt, test, etc then you’ll [...]

Posted by kamp2020, Jan 20 8:41am

I have an awesome support system


Jan 13 8:38am · @dmcsw9 · Stage 1 Question in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Are most people diagnosed with stage 1 CRC followed by an oncologist or just surgical oncologist? Can anyone with stage 1 let me know their experience? [...]

Posted by dmcsw9, Jan 13 8:34am

Thank you Charles. Yes, I have abdominal/pelvic MRI’s and chest CT every 6 months and annual colonoscopy. I noticed some people are followed by oncologist ( my cousin is stage one breast cancer, no chemo/radiation and she has been followed by medical oncologist, not surgeon) It makes sense why oncologist [...]

Posted by charles, Jan 13 8:37am

Frankly it can be either or - as long as you have a defined follow up and surveillance plan in place.


Feb 13 11:15am · @wpsmith9 · Bereavement in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Having a bad day. Sitting here reading a bereavement book I received from DFCI and the guilt set in. Guilt sucks!!! Sitting here crying my eyes out over having Brenda put into Hospice the last 5 days of her life! Feeling guilty because I truly believe if she was home [...] [...]

Posted by jbob53, Feb 12 11:53am

One of my sisters died in Hospice of cancer. The nurses were very compassionate and caring. They provided her care that we could not have provided. The family was allowed to be with her 24/7. It may have been not as personal, but she received the best of care and [...]

Posted by seriously1, Feb 13 11:12am

Everyone says stay in the present but when you miss someone the present is hard to keep running. I wonder what prompts us to look backwards and say what if all the time? We might look to those who have been able to overcome their past actions as guides to [...]


Jan 12 9:37am · @izzy1 · Update Izzy in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Hi everyone, It is with a very heavy heart that I must write that my sweet, wonderful mother has passed away. She passed on Saturday, 1/9/21, at 10 p.m. She tried her best to eat and gain weight, so that she can start treatment. The cancer just took over. It [...] [...]

Posted by kamp2020, Jan 12 5:59am

I'm so sorry for your loss. Be patient with yourself and grieve at your own pace. My mom has been gone for 15 years and I still miss her. I use nature as my calm, when I see something in nature that makes me smile I know she is standing [...]


Liked by AshburnGal

Posted by pcedarman, Jan 12 9:36am

Very sorry to hear of the passing of your Mom. You should be proud that you and she fought hard and worked at to seek a solution. It does and will take time. You are doing the right thing by seeking grief support. We lost our Mom 5-years ago and [...]


Jan 17 7:52am · @sueriordan · Colonoscopy coverage on Medicare in Access to Care

I just had my second colonoscopy on Medicare They denied coverage as it had only been 1 yr since last colonoscopyI have been having annually as when I got colon ca 6 yrs ago it occurred right before the 2 year mark. So the concern was that if I went [...]


Posted by charles, Jan 11 7:37am

Thee doctor performing your colonoscopies should be able to provide you with a reason for the denial. If you have been cancer free for 5 years is suspect Medicare no longer believes you need annual colonoscopies. Anyone getting a colonoscopy or other "elective" procedure should always get "pre-approval" from their [...]

Posted by sueriordan, Jan 17 7:51am

Thanks Charles for your response. I am filing an appeal with Medicare as they only allow every 24 mos. With my situation I need to get annually. So without having special circumstances it is only covered every 24 mos


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