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2 days ago · @10christa · colon cancer after 6/29 colonoscopy in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Hello, June 29th I had colonoscopy which shows a obstructing mass at hepatic flexure. I am 52 yr old female and have been having lower crampy abdominal pain. I feel like I was just given a death sentence, it is 3cm x 12 mm in diameter in size. Going to [...] [...]

Posted by 10christa, 2 days ago

Thank you...i definitely will

Posted by charles, 2 days ago

I cant add much to the insight offered by so many above but remember this. Colon cancer is curable, you need to be your own advocate. Get informed and engaged in your care - treatments are changing and improving all the time and you need to look out for yourself. [...]


3 days ago · @pcedarman · Right Hemicolectomy - Why such Large Section for Small Mass? in Colon & Rectal Cancer

A right hemicolectomy removes the entire ascending colon. I have a mass in the bend between the ascending and traverse colon. Does anyone know why they remove the entire right colon even if the colon mass is local? Might have something to do with blood flow to the colon, but [...] [...]

Posted by pcedarman, 3 days ago

thank. I will request that the medical team consider NGS testing.

Posted by charles, 3 days ago

Its best done on tissue and if positive for MSI-H will avoid chemo altogether. (other markers impact treatment as well) They may have done already if you had a biopsy. Its also is the basis for the next generation of treatments should you experience a recurrence.


3 days ago · @charles · CRC Clinical Trials in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Posted by nikip @nikip, 3 minutes agoIn reply to @charles "Jamie the site is to learn, share information and experiences and provide..." + (show)Hello. My name is Niki and I have stage 4 colon cancer and have exhausted all approved treatments and am now researching test trials. Is stem cell [...]


Posted by charles, 3 days ago

OK - you have an actual KRAS mutation and looking for a trial as you have already concluded is the best approach for a G12d mutation. There are currently no approved precision medicines that target this mutation and researchers have been trying for some time to develop "pan ras" drugs [...]

Posted by nikip, 3 days ago

Thank you for all your help!


Wed, Jun 24 4:09pm · @HesterBIDMCModerator · Financial impact of cancer and COVID-19 in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Has has the pandemic made your financial concerns more pressing? There are resources that can help, and I write about them in today’s blog. Here is the start and a link: Financial burden is another pressing problem created by cancer and COVID-19. Going through cancer is always expensive and [...] [...]

Mon, Jun 22 1:17pm · @pcedarman · Experience with Ablation MWA vs Resection for Colon Cancer Metastasis in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Any one have insights on the advantages/disadvantages? Experience? How you decided?1. Resection is "gold standard," but removes a large section of liver.2. Ablation works, but often does not, and then could make future treatment tougher, scarring hides tumor regrowth...need to catch it asap.


Posted by kristyshan, Mon, Jun 22 10:00am

As far as maintaining a positive attitude, that is key! I actually have a blog about it called whoinvitedcancertomyparty.com

Posted by pcedarman, Mon, Jun 22 1:16pm

@kristyshan - Great blog. Your story and attitude are encouraging. I never expected to be on this journey either. Cologuard, "oh, those things are always wrong," not for me, "just snip, snip, piece of bad colon and you go to go," not for me. For now on chemo-surgery-chemo plan, with [...]


Wed, Jun 3 9:15am · @kristyshan · Y90 in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Hi all. I was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer in December of 2017 at age 48. I have been on chemo every two weeks since then. I am fortunate that it has been highly successful. We are down to one tumor in my liver that is still quite large, [...] [...]

Mon, May 25 10:23am · @emmanuelmwambwa · institutions that donate medication and blood to patients in need? in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Dear CancerConnect, Does anyone know any institutions that donate medication and blood to patients in need? Dad has been diagnosed late with stage four colon cancer, it has spread to his spine and liver. He is on chemotherapy, in Zambia. However, it's extremely costly and before every cycle of [...] [...]

Fri, Jun 5 6:41am · @hope12 · Metatasised Colorectal Cancer in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Hello, my brother was diagnosed with Colon Cancer which had metasasised to his lungs and liver in March 2019. Liver and lungs he was told were inoperable but surgery to the colon was completed right away due to its 95% blockage. Just completed 23 round of chemo and now told [...] [...]

Posted by charles, Thu, Jun 4 8:44am

Pleasure to meet you - its a good thing people cant see whats going on inside! Neuropathy can be a real pain -did you get it from the Oxaliplatin? Have you had NGS testing on your cancer?

Posted by hope12, Fri, Jun 5 6:40am

You never know how strong you are until life throws you one of the toughest battles you will have to fight. My brother is a barrister and he has fought many tough battles in a court of law but this is the fight of his life. He has had all [...]


Fri, May 15 9:22am · @rae1215 · Ostomy bag in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Hello Has anyone had or cared for anyone who's had a ostomy bag placed? My husband found out yesterday that was needed due to a internal infection from being constipated and his chemotherapy was pushed back two weeks due to emergency surgery yesterday. I was just wondering if anyone else [...] [...]

Posted by carolcowan, Thu, May 14 10:07pm

When he gets the colostomy an ostomy nurse at the hospital should teach you about the care. If you have problems at home, one can come to your house to help you learn to take care of it. She/he can visit a few times to see how you're doing. [...]

Posted by gobluegirl, Fri, May 15 9:21am

As a previous ostomy pt(reversed) after rectal cancer I agree with Carol. The ostomy nurse at your hospital is an invaluable resource. Try and get her # so if you have problems at home you can call.
There are many types of bags, 1 or 2 piece, sometimes it's just [...]


Thu, May 7 7:03pm · @n2xs · Cancer free diagnosis in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Just want to give a WooHoo for my husband today that his cat scan came back cancer free today! Started in latter part of 2018 with colorectal cancer and he had radiation to shrink tumor almost stage 4 and surgery to remove it, them chemo but that made him too [...] [...]

Posted by n2xs, Thu, May 7 7:02pm

Same to you, good luck!

Posted by n2xs, Thu, May 7 7:02pm



Mon, May 4 9:16pm · @rae1215 · Being pushed away in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Hello my husband was recently diagnosed with colon cancer and he has started his first round of chemo and has 3 more to shrink the tumor. Its been a range of emotions everyday but does anyone have any advice on what i can do to comfort him? He barely eats [...]


Posted by dle, Mon, May 4 9:06pm

I was diagnosed with stage 4 Colon Cancer last August. I had a hard time with the chemo, especially with the horrible taste all food had and a really bad case of heartburn that lasted the first week after treatment. I felt like I couldn't eat anything and lost at [...]

Posted by rae1215, Mon, May 4 9:15pm

Wow thank you!! Your experience was definitely comforting for me to hear!!! How many times did you have chemo? He had a really good day today with eating some foods,ensure, and fluids. He said he looked at himself in the mirror and didn't recognize himself and he said he wants [...]


Mon, Apr 13 7:22am · @judeye · Recurrent CRC - Now What? in Colon & Rectal Cancer

My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2018. The cancer had gone to liver as well as his colon. He had chemo before surgery on both liver and colon, then post surgery chemo. He was good for 1 1/2 years. Past summer found cancer has now moved into one [...]


Posted by charles, Sun, Apr 12 1:55pm

First and foremost you need to become much more specific in how you think about his cancer. Not all colon cancers are the same. Some respond to chemo, some dont. Some benefit from more targeted medicines that require NGS biomarker testing. Has your doctor done NGS testing? If he/she hasnt [...]

Posted by nicegal, Mon, Apr 13 7:19am

This is an awful situation for you both, I am so sorry. My first husband was terminally ill with a brain tumour and I was told he had maybe two years to live. He grew progressively ill and I asked again and was told six weeks. He died six weeks [...]


Sun, Apr 12 1:59pm · @sallystrong123 · Neuropathy in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Hi. Does anyone have helpful information on how to relieve pain in my hands and feet from neuropathy from chemo treatments? Thank you. [...]

Posted by smorgan, Fri, Apr 10 11:40pm

Keep you hands and feet warm. I wear ugg boots even in summer around the house. I always found if it was really bad to sit in a warm bath.
I also found acupuncture did help.
I always put a light blanket on my feet at the end of the [...]


Liked by sallystrong123

Posted by charles, Sun, Apr 12 1:58pm

Most important is to stop the medication causing the neuropathy. Here are some other tips. https://news.cancerconnect.com/treatment-care/neuropathy-numbness-and-tingling-how-is-it-prevented-and-treated-U9XFey6x0kW1Jq_uWtGI1A Best C


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Fri, Apr 3 6:45pm · @sallystrong123 · Neuropathy in hands and feet in Colon & Rectal Cancer

Hi. I'm hoping someone will have some advice for me on how to lessen the pain from neuropathy on my hands and feet and now calves. My doctor is going to omit one of my chemo drugs which can cause neuropathy but in the mean time, this is no fun. [...] [...]

Fri, Mar 6 1:48pm · @charles · Its Colon Cancer Awareness Month - You might find this articles useful in Colon & Rectal Cancer

https://news.cancerconnect.com/colon-cancer/march-is-national-colorectal-cancer-awareness-month-Y-BLDWBgSkqDNRkvQw_OVg [...]

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