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3 days ago · @sagar02 · Does any one can share Post colone cancer.Thx.

Can any one give some valuable suggestions after post colon cancer.Thx. [...]

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4 days ago · @luisa · From Dana-Farber: Nuts and Colon Cancer: What’s the Link?

Nuts and Colon Cancer: What’s the Link? – Research shows that consuming nuts reduces the risk of colon cancer recurrence and death, but scientists are still examining why — because at this time, there is no definite explanation for this correlation. The most recent study found a significant [...]

Posted by @carolcowan, 4 days ago

I'm Carol, a moderator at CancerConnect. Thanks for posting this. I'm so busy doing my "moderating" I don't always have time to read the journal articles, studies, etc about cancer as I used to. Charles keeps me up on some things when he posts things for people.
I guess […]

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Sun, Apr 15 8:46pm · @alisakg · Observations of my Stage IV colon cancer life.

I’ve been stage IV since the end of 2014 and stage III since 2013. I haven’t been working since I was diagnosed with stage IV. I rest most of the time and feel good because of it to the point where I think I can do more. I am constantly [...]

Posted by @mich, Sun, Apr 15 8:46pm

I am also a stage 4 colon cancer survivor, and I am in remission since September 2017. I am on a chemo protocol for life. I feel tired all the time and shortness of breath will to Ecco and cat scan to find answers.
Mich […]

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Sat, Apr 14 5:49am · @cab1964 · Recurrence of colon cancer

Just got news that after 5 years my son’s colon cancer had spread to lung and lymph nodes. Doctor said can treat but not cure. Devastated! He is 48!years old. He is on pill. Don’t know the name yet. [...]

Posted by @cab1964, Sat, Apr 14 5:49am

Thank you again carol. All that information was really helpful. I feel like I have better understanding of the treatment he is having. He is a tough guy and will fight his way through this treatment. He is working from home. […]

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Sat, Apr 14 7:14am · @magsmum · Colectomy or not?

Some 18 years ago I underwent a right hemi followed by 10 months of chemo for Stage 2+ colon cancer. My reward for undergoing the surgery, chemo and 18 years' worth of colonoscopies, etc.: my latest scope revealed an 8cm tumor and countless polyps, of which 50 were biopsied and [...]

Posted by @magsmum, Sat, Apr 14 7:14am

Well, the squeaky wheel DOES get the grease! My gastro, after a few nudges, has gotten me set up with an excellent c-r surgeon, with whom I will meet on Tuesday. The CT scan of my liver was unsatisfactory so will have an ultrasound on Thursday. Three lymph nodes look […]

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Wed, Apr 4 11:55am · @cindyreeves · Nutrition Post Surgery

I am 6 months post stage 3 sigmoid colon cancer. I am still having a difficult time with nutrition. I cannot eat fresh fruits or vegetables due to diarrhea after eating them. I also cannot eat whole grain foods yet. I am often eating white rice, chicken and white bread. [...]

Posted by @cat7847, Wed, Apr 4 11:55am

I had a bowel obstruction and had surgery where they removed a fifth of my intestine. I had terrible diarrhea when I came home from the hospital. I had to take 4 imodiums a day spaced out every 4 hours. I am now down to one per day but have […]

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Thu, Apr 5 8:34am · @n2xs · Chemo after surgery even if already had radiation-chemo prior?

Question should do 6 mos of chemo and Iv after colorectal surgery removed tumor and 12 lymph now cancer free but onc wants to do chemo for stray cancer cells? Should I or do I really need this again since it was done pre-surgery? [...]

Posted by @mykahla21, Thu, Apr 5 8:34am

Thank you. Whatever decision you make will be the right one for you. And good luck to you. […]

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Fri, Mar 16 11:36am · @luisa · Facebook Live: What’s New in Colorectal Cancer Treatment and Research?

Facebook Live: What’s New in Colorectal Cancer Treatment and Research? Thursday, March 29, 12:30 p.m. ET Join us on Facebook Live for a Q&A discussion with Nadine J. McCleary, MD, MPH, of the Gastrointestinal Cancer Treatment Center at Dana-Farber. Dr. McCleary will take questions live while discussing the latest [...]

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Tue, Mar 6 6:12am · @julikay1981 · Colon cancer stage 2

Hi all! I was diagnosed with 2 no lymph and no metastasis. I had 3polys removed by hand assist laparoscopy on Jan 16,2018. Tests on polyps showed 2 benign and one cancer. Further tests revealed MMR positive. Therefore they recommend chemo by pill. I am 54 and did not have [...]

Posted by @julikay1981, Tue, Mar 6 6:12am

Ok, thanks! […]

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Tue, Apr 10 5:27pm · @smccormack · Stage IV metastasis to distal lymph nodes.

Looking for stories from others with similar diagnosis and treatments used. I just started folfox. Started journey with stage 3B resection and clean up chemo, no mutations found. Reoccurance diagnosed in Feb. [...]

Posted by @kimmies, Tue, Apr 10 5:27pm

I receive care at Dartmouth Hospital and Norris Cotton Cancer Center in NH. Yes, my nodes were biopsied and showed positive for colon cancer mets in 2016. Since then a few more have popped up but it is still just in the nodes and the Xeloda and Avastin seem to […]

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Fri, Feb 23 7:13am · @maltman · Colon Cancer tumor marker testing

My doc says testing for tumor markers is key but how do you do this if your colon cancer was already removed somewhere else? [...]

Posted by @charles, Fri, Feb 23 7:13am

It may not always be possible but here are a couple suggestions. The pathology department that analyzed the initial biopsy or tumor specimen often has tissue saved and this can be requested. A newer technique called a "liquid biopsy" is also being developed where doctors look for the markers in […]

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Mon, Feb 12 5:39pm · @pickthis · Bye bye Stage 3 Colon Cancer! Never to be seen again!

Hi Group. Again, I can’t thank you all enough for all of your replies and help. Jan and Carol you have been invaluable especially when panic set in. Which unfortunately happened a couple of times. I took my dad to his ct scan which finally happened January 18th. His oncologist [...]

Posted by @carolcowan, Mon, Feb 12 5:39pm

You really supported Debbie. I'm proud of people like you because you took the time to help someone who was really struggling with the unknown things that were happening. I'm proud of Debbie to go from her heart wrenching start here and was confronted by cancer and her love […]

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Sat, Feb 3 9:23pm · @carolcowan · SAD NEWS

I don't know how many people here remember Kimber. She was a member of the colon cancer group because her husband, a firefighter/paramedic, had colon cancer. Kimber was diagnosed with a rare kind of cancer called chordoma in her spine and had surgery. She stopped participating here except for a [...]

Posted by @Jan, Sat, Feb 3 9:23pm

Aw I am so sorry to hear this very sad news. I was thinking of her last week. Kimber helped me when I was diagnosed! God bless her and her family! Xo […]

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Mon, Jan 22 11:09am · @lakeland3261 · Stage 4 colon cancer liver transplant

Does anyone know if a liver transplant can be done on a person with stage 4 colon cancer spread to her liver, but where the section of the colon that had the cancer has been sectioned off? Here in USA they won't do it citing the anti-suppressants for the new [...]

Posted by @lakeland3261, Mon, Jan 22 11:09am

From the data I have read, about 67% of those who have the transplant live at least 5 years as compared to only about 9% of those who don't, live only months. Now that doesn't mean it's curing cancer, but being 78 years old and being told you only have […]

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Sun, Jan 21 8:17am · @charles · Advances in Treatment of Colon Cancer

2017 saw many advances in the treatment of colon cancer. Use of precision cancer medicines is increasing due to genomic testing; Here is link to latest targets and medications; http://news.cancerconnect.com/types-of-cancer/colon-cancer/precision-cancer-medicine/ Keep up to date with daily cancer news on treatment advances as well; http://news.cancerconnect.com/category/colon-cancer/ Wishing you the best in 2018 [...]

Posted by @drummerboy, Sun, Jan 21 8:17am

Cancer is tough on us no matter what the type, even after we are successful in beating it, we are changed. I say “Cancer Leaves a Mark”, these are some thoughts on how cancer marks us forever. Take a look at this. >>http://bit.ly/2m2ngla […]

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