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Tue, Aug 7 8:52am · @HesterBIDMCModerator · Planning

It can be daunting to keep thinking forward and planning ahead. Are you able to consider vacation plans for next summer or even make evening plans with friends for next week? Please read my blog about this and share your strategies with us. https://www.bidmc.org/about-bidmc/blogs/blog-landing/living-with-cancer/2018/08/do-not-stop-planning [...]

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Sun, Jul 22 8:24am · @lisacan · Intra Abdominal abscess

Hi, I am new here, my husband was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer that metastasized to his peritoneum and ometum. He had the colon resection on 2/1/18. Went through 6 rounds of chemo. then on 6/3/18 he was near death when I took him to ER, he was having [...]

Posted by @carolcowan, Sun, Jul 22 8:24am

I'm Carol, a moderator here. I'm also a retired oncology and hospice RN. Welcome to the group. The nurse who told you she "would be after blood" and that she'd never seen that did you no favors. My role as a nurse is to help you deal with what's […]

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Thu, Jul 19 8:23am · @HesterBIDMCModerator · Considering Summer

Depending on how you measure it, we are either middway through summer (that would be June 21-September 21) or holding on tightly as we see the end coming (that would be Memorial Day to Labor Day. However you think about the season, it is short. Please read these thoughts and [...]

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Tue, Jul 17 10:22am · @kzinzer · Free or Reduced Hair/Nails/Skin Services for OH Patients & Caregivers

"Healing Hands Power of Touch" in Columbus OH offers patients free wigs and a free handmade turban.... And haircuts (free for patients-survivors/$5 caregiver), manicures ($5/$10), pedicures ($10/$15), facials ($5/$15) and more. Services are provided with students and supervisors. There are a few locations. I visited "The Spa School" @ 5050 [...]

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Mon, Jul 16 7:55am · @taylor1365 · CEA level

I was diagnosed with stage III colon last year, had an elevated CEA level that normalized after surgery. My last CEA level was 1.4 at the end of chemo and for my first 3month check yesterday its 9.8. Has anyone ever had a false CEA? I have scans in a [...]

Posted by @taylor1365, Mon, Jul 16 7:55am

Thank you. 8.4 but then 0 postsurgery leveling out to 1.4-1.7 for the past year. The 9.8 was a big jump. I panicked and know that it just means look close and they are. […]

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Thu, Jul 12 3:32am · @ranij · Pain on the left side upper thigh

Pursuant to my posting of 7th June 2018 above, I would like your advice as I have now completed my six courses of Xeloda tablets on 25th June 2018, and the oncology Dr has asked me to see him only on 5th November, 2018 prior to which I have to [...]

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Mon, Jul 23 9:24am · @HesterBIDMCModerator · Insensitive Comments

We all get them: the comments about our cancers that leave us furious, in tears, or speechless. Here are my thoughts and some suggestions re how to manage them. Please read the blog and then come back here to share your experiences: How to Reply to the Ominous, the Invasive [...]

Posted by @HesterBIDMCModerator, Mon, Jul 23 9:24am

You clearly have a mature and very useful perspective. Thank you for sharing and, especially, for your humor. […]

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Sat, Jul 14 10:33am · @HesterBIDMCModerator · All I learned from my patients

Hester Hill Schnipper, LICSW, OSW-C, and author of our Living with Cancer blog, writes about her last day as a social worker at BIDMC. Read her thoughts and see what she's up to next (including continuing to write the blog!). http://bit.ly/2KUMNbk BIDMC.ORG Transitions and Remarks | BIDMC Translations on [...]

Posted by @kzinzer, Sat, Jul 14 10:33am

Thanks for sharing- that was lovely. […]

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Mon, Jul 9 8:28am · @kzinzer · "Colontown"

Sharing one more resource to connect to people who are navigating colorectal cancer treatment - whether as one affected, as a family member or as a caregiver. https://colontown.org/ [...]

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Fri, Jul 6 11:03am · @HesterBIDMCModerator · Alcohol and Cancer Mortality Risk

Many of us are all too familiar with the continuing discussion about the risks of alcohol consumption and cancer. There have been a number of studies that looked at the association between alcohol and the risk of developing cancer or the risk of recurrence. This one comes at it from [...]

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Thu, Jul 5 4:33pm · @alexab · Please share any thoughts.

Hello, Cancer Connect. My partner (new partner of 5 months) is gratefully cancer free as of March of this year. The recuperation process after having his colon removed has been extremely challenging. He does not sleep because he is up through the night - every night about 10-15 [...]

Posted by @alexab, Thu, Jul 5 4:33pm

My partner is WITHOUT colostomy bag. His most recent operation was Ostomy reversal. Instead, he has had his colon removed and most all function has been diverted to his small intestine. (Please forgive the hard summation.)

Thank you again for your responses. […]

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Mon, Jun 25 2:54pm · @HesterBIDMCModerator · Emotional Bank Account

As a very longtime oncology social worker at BIDMC in Boston, I have worked with many people who had colon or rectal cancesr. They, and others, have taught me so much, and one lesson has been about emotional bank accounts. I have long held a theory about emotional and [...]

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Wed, Jun 27 7:56am · @kimber · Firefighters with cancer

Hi, my husband died this past January of colon cancer. He was only 51 and was diagnosed at 47. He was a career firefighter. If you know anyone who is a firefighter and he or she has died from cancer or is battling it now, please reply. There’s strength in [...]

Posted by @betula, Wed, Jun 27 7:56am

My husband was diagnosed in Dec 2016 with rectal cancer and he was 47 at the time. He has been a firefighter for 22 yrs. He has had chemo, radiation, surgery which resulted in a permanent colostomy. Recent ct and pet scans showed lung nodules and an area where is […]

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Mon, Jun 18 11:03am · @mich · Travelers insurance

I have stage 4 colon cancer can I travel from the us to Canada and pay for travelers insurance ?? Any one with experience or a company recommendation? Thank you. [...]

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Fri, Jun 29 6:04am · @spingirl1 · New here, starting this process with my husband

Hi Everyone! My husband was newly diagnosed with stage 4 Colon cancer that originated from his appendix. Apparently this is a super rare form so we were shocked when he got the diagnosis. Started with abdominal pain, so got a blood test. Hemoglobin levels super low, so CT scans later, [...]

Posted by @berickson750, Fri, Jun 29 6:04am

Hello, you should look on Facebook for the appendix cancer support group. There are 2,500 of us on there with this rare cancer. A lot of long term survivors. Sorry you are going through this. […]

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