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1 day ago · @kirby · Colon cancer type 3

I'm 61 and my mother died of a stroke at 70 and grandma at 60 Can chemo cause strokes.? [...]

Posted by @kirby, 1 day ago

Thankyou. […]

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2 days ago · @cancerconnect · Research News: Targeting BRAF and EGFR

Results from a recent study imply that inhibiting BRAF along with EGFR in patients with advanced colon caner may be more potent than inhibiting either of these targets alone. Read more here: http://news.cancerconnect.com/targeting-braf-egfr-doubles-progression-free-survival-metastatic-colorectal-cancer/ [...]

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Thu, Oct 12 1:12pm · @pickthis · Low temperature with a cough and nasal congestion

Well it's already that time of the season. I thought I would have to start worrying bout the flu and colds closer to November but my dad has caught something. He of course says it's nothing and that he will get over it. But he is all stuffed up and [...]

Posted by @carolcowan, Thu, Oct 12 1:12pm

Because of your oncologist appointment today I didn’t respond with ideas yesterday. Xeloda causes diarrhea and heartburn in many people. The chemo destroys and inhibits the growth of more cancer cells, it also messes with the other cells lining the gastrointestinal system. In your dad’s case, the doctor will […]

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Sun, Oct 8 10:25pm · @tschneider · Stage IIA Colon cancer

I just had surgery to remove ascending and 1/2 of transverse colon. A stage IIA with 0/20 lymph nodes effected pathology report. I go to see the Oncologist today to talk about risk factors. I am a 49 year old, ex-world class athlete that is still in great shape. From [...]

Posted by @ariseman728, Sun, Oct 8 10:25pm

Hi Todd. I was diagnosed stage 2 in August. CT Scan and surgery showed nothing else effected, so they told me no chemo or radiation was necessary and I am now cancer free 1 month following surgery. I wish you the best of luck and hope you are cancer free […]

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Tue, Sep 26 11:17am · @katie5963 · SIRT, Y-90, radioembolization on liver

Has anyone recently had radioembolization, SIRT, Y-90 for liver mets from colon cancer? If so, would you share your experience? My husband is stage 4 and has been on chemo for 2+ yrs. [...]

Posted by @ucsfcounselor2, Tue, Sep 26 11:17am

You have reached an email address that does not exist. […]

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Thu, Sep 21 4:26pm · @sarag · bowel cancer

my husband had major surgery feb 2016 total colectomy n has ilioestomy now.had stage 3a1 bowel cancer.Was unable for xyledo due to poor health after surgery.So far scans n blood work fine but gets very tired after a few hours exercise n gets anxious about small things.Wondering if anybody had [...]

Posted by @ucsfcounselor2, Thu, Sep 21 4:26pm

You have reached an email address that does not exist. […]

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Mon, Sep 25 11:19pm · @angb · Newly diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Chemo ordered

Newly diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Had a baseball size tumor removed a month ago. There were some enlarged lymph nodes removed as well, six of seventeen were cancer. I was ordered twelve rounds of chemo. FOLFOX is my regimen Had first treatment already and did ok Kept up om nausea [...]

Posted by @bethbourg, Sat, Aug 26 7:46am

Hi @angb. So sorry you have joined this “club”. My husband was diagnosed in 3/2016. He had several rounds of FOLFORI then almost a year of Erbitux and he is now on FOLFOX with Avastin. He has never had nausea or vomiting. His main reactions are increased neuropathy (he already […]

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Fri, Aug 11 1:53pm · @skadad · Lung Surgery? Mistletoe?

Hi all - have been gratefully just reading and occasionally responding since original Stage 4 rectal cancer diagnosis in 2011. Went through the radiation, chemo, surgery, chemo routine then. Mets to lungs showed up in 2012 and did more chemo w/targeted radiation. Have been off chemo last two years as [...]

Posted by @skadad, Fri, Aug 11 1:53pm

Thanks for sharing. Lung surgery has been postponed for now and instead start chemo again Monday. Will go sic sessions and see how the lung spots respond. May follow up with radiation but apparently the tumor board decided major lung surgery was not warrented right now. Stocking up on chemo […]

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Mon, Aug 7 8:16pm · @mlofthus · lost

Hi my sister is 28 and was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer on 06/22/2017 and has had surgery a stint put in to help relive some pressure in her stomach. her legs stay pretty swollen at all times. she just got done with her second round of chemo and [...]

Posted by @mlofthus, Mon, Aug 7 8:16pm

Thank you for the reply . It was helpful . I go on the 14th to get tested . […]

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Mon, Sep 18 6:30am · @411769p · Stage IV colon cancer

Diagnosed with stage 2b colon cancer in 2014, recurrent colon cancer 2015 and now stage IV 5/2017 with mets to pelvis, spleen, possibly pancreas with 2 spots in colon. My oncologist does not recommend surgery at this time. I'm currently doing chemo for 5fu, avastin & iriotecan IV every 2 [...]

Posted by @angb, Mon, Sep 18 6:30am

I have Been doing the port & infusion. Just finished #3. Stage 3 (b) Things going well tired after coming off steroids on day 3 But side affects are not to bad neuropathy is bad. Haven’t had such else yet. 9 more rounds to go ! […]

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Mon, Jul 24 10:45am · @cghow · Day 10 Nadir

I am on day 9 of my first round of xloda. I read about Days 10-14 are when your white blood count starts to drop and you can become more prone to infections. How do most of you handle this? Do you stay home and avoid going to public places? [...]

Posted by @carolcowan, Mon, Jul 24 10:45am

Your father should look into applying for disability. If his employer provides it, he can find out how much he would be paid for out. It can be about 60% of a normal paycheck, sometimes a little higher. He can apply for Social Security disability (SSDI). There’s a list […]

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Mon, Jul 17 1:47pm · @jennavere · 36 and recently diagnosed

I went in for a colonoscopy on Monday, July 10 because of a change in bowel habits, and was told I have colon cancer, which was confirmed with the pathology. Just had my CT scan this morning, and though I'm trying to remain positive, I've been on an emotional roller [...]

Posted by @megm, Mon, Jul 17 1:47pm

Hi @jennavere, I can understand how terribly stressful the waiting can be! Keep us posted and I’ll be thinking about you! […]

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Mon, Jul 17 9:31am · @kayw · Colon Cancer

I am 3 years in remission from colon cancer and my white and red blood cell counts are low and continue to drop. Does anyone know what I can take or do to make them go back up? I also suffer with fatigue from this and wonder if there is [...]

Posted by @charles, Mon, Jul 17 9:31am

Following chemo some individuals blood counts recover better than others. There is nothing that i know of that is used to generally make both go back up. A low number however is typically only a problem once it decreases beyond a certain threshold. For example a low WBC increase your […]

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Thu, Jul 13 2:23pm · @jamesmacq · 1 Month post Lower Anterior Resection surgery

I am 1 month out from having lower anterior resection surgery to remove stage 3 rectal cancer. Immediately after surgery I felt great. I was home from the hospital 5 days after surgery and was walking all over my neighborhood. I had difficulty urinating and some shooting pain in my [...]

Posted by @megm, Thu, Jul 13 2:23pm

Hi @jamesmacq, just checking in to see how you are doing. […]

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Tue, Aug 22 2:14pm · @lisac61 · Sister has Stage 4 colon cancer

My sister was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in January of 2015. She had a colon resection and a total hysterectomy as it had spread to her ovaries. She was initially on FOLFOX and Avastin. After several negative PET scans her doctor started her on Xeloda. It was a [...]

Posted by @lisac61, Tue, Aug 22 2:14pm

I’ll be interested in any answers as my sister has wild type, too. […]

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